Young Adult

The Young Adult School class is from 9:30-10:30a on Sunday mornings downstairs.

Miss a Sunday? Check out the materials below to get caught up:

Evangelism in Acts

Sept. 21) Stephen Pt. 1
Sept. 14) The Purpose of Freedom
Sept. 7) Power of Prayer in Evangelism
Aug. 31) Peter before the Sanhedrin
Aug. 24) The healing of the lame man
Aug. 17) Pentecost
Aug. 10) Introduction to the Book of Acts

Gospel Series

June 23) Bad News, Pt. 1
June 29) Bad News, Pt. 2
July 6) Repentance
July 13) Righteousness
July 20) Life
July 27) Reconciliation
Aug 3) Rest

Basic Christianity Series

Mar. 9) Our Worldview and the Purpose of God
Mar. 16) Old Testament Overview (also check out this Old Testament Timeline by Jeff Harmon)
Mar. 23) New Testament Overview
Mar. 30) The Reliability of Scripture
Apr. 6) The Two Natures of Jesus
Apr. 13) Sin
Apr. 20) The Gospel
Apr. 27) The Church
May 4) The Trinity
May 11) Heaven
May 18) Conclusion

Discipleship Series

Feb. 2) The Call of Discipleship (Matt 4.18-22)
Feb. 9) The Goals of Disciples (Matt 6.33 and 7.21-27)
Feb. 16) The Needs of Disciples (John 15:1-8)
Feb. 23) The Cost of Discipleship (Matt 16:21-27)
Mar. 2) Disciples as Apostles (Matt 9.36-10.42)


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