That Gift Is Not For You

We talk about “gifted” people in this world typically in the sphere of athletics and entertainment. The gifts of these people has propelled them to the top of their respective profession. Like most often-used terms, rarely do we stop to think about what the term is actually saying.

sf_LaborOfLove_0005_Group 2 copy 7To have a gift is to possess something that you did not earn or work for in some inherent point. Now, this does not mean we cannot refine our gifts to increase their value. But at their most basic level you have no right to claim that you authored your gift. Some people appeal to genetics, but even then the question would be who allows those genes to function in a helpful rather than harmful way? (Stop thinking about evolution…now.)

Exodus 28:3 – within the section of Exodus that we begin to skim over – speaks of workers with the gift to craft beautiful objects with their hands. It also speaks of this gift as having been directly given by God. Not only this, but it speaks of the crafting ability as “wisdom”. These are all important aspects of this verse that dramatically impact the way we view our labors. Wisdom in the Old Testament can be described as the ability to live with skill (HALOT). It can be seen in different spheres – work, relationships, and knowledge.

Your job/specialty is not just a paycheck or task. It was divinely given to you to be able to serve God in this world. God calls each one of us to use their gifts and abilities that he has endowed us with to bring about the purpose of subduing this world in a godly manner. A gift is not something that everyone has. For instance, my wife has the ability to notice the physical needs of people, care in a deeply compassionate way for them and then creatively help to serve that need. My observation skills and detailed memory skills are admittedly pretty poor. She went to nursing school to further refine that ability that she inherently was gifted with to serve people on a higher level. She uses that caring ability to love our baby daughter with great care. That is how she is using the ability to bring peace into this world that also cares for humanity in a way that God does as well.

It is not simply what you get paid for either. You also may have more than one gift.


Whether it is working with your hands, your mind, or your words, you have been given a gift by God to serve people and have a doorway into their life to share what the Lord has done through his Son to bring you back from the dead.

How will you use your gift today?

-Pastor Sean

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